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"I always thought of myself as a healthy person. Then I started putting on weight, even though I was eating and exercising just like before. I got depressed, which I thought was from the extra pounds. But it seemed like I was always losing things, even expensive things like jewelry. That never happened before. Then my periods got really irregular. I did some research on the internet, and I figured it out. It was my thyroid! I looked up products to help, and the one that looked best was Thyromine, because it was all natural and people said that it really worked. I tried Thyromine and it did just what they said! My periods got more regular, I could think and remember and, best of all, my weight went back to normal. I'm so happy, and so grateful!"
T.A., Charlotte, N.C.

"The first thing I noticed was, my hair felt funny and began falling out. I was only 22, and my dad's not bald. Then I never felt like eating, but even so I was always constipated. I had like no energy. When winter came, I could never get warm, even when I put on all my jackets. My girlfriend said I didn't seem as interested in her. She asked around, and found out that it could be my thyroid. I felt like I just didn't care, but she kept telling me to take Thyromin, so I did. Pretty soon, I started feeling better. I could eat right. I wanted to do things. Even with my girlfriend, if you know what I mean. My hair came back in. Taking Thyromine is the best thing I ever did. And it doesn't cost that much."
D.F., Cincinnati, OH

"I always seemed to be twenty or thirty pounds heavier than I wanted to. I had this great tattoo on my back, but I didn't usually show it off because I didn't like the way I bulged over my clothes when I showed that part of my body. I decided to start dieting and exercising. It just didn't help. I couldn't lose weight no matter what I did. I even gained some. It never occurred to me that I had a thyroid problem. My doctor said I was just eating too much. How do you do that when you never put anything in your mouth? Finally he did some tests, and it turned out that my thyroid didn't work. He gave me this medicine, but I got terrible headaches, so I stopped taking it. Then I started taking Thyromine, and everything changed! I lost weight, even though I actually ate more than I was. I had more energy, so I did more exercise. It seemed like my hair and skin were glowing. I only have one complaint, Thyromine: I had to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe in my new size. I wish all my complaints could be so good!"
K.G., Austin, TX

"It's hard for me to talk about what happened. Let's just say that I was ugly and I felt awful. People said it was my own fault. It wasn't. I tried everything. It didn't help. The only thing that finally helped was Thyromine. I just want people to know that Thyromin can make a difference. If you haven't tried this, you're cheating yourself."
B.R., Albuquerque, NM

"I was never a bodybuilder, but then I turned into Mr. Lard. It hurt to move, too, and not just because I was fat. I kept away from everyone. Not only because I was disgusting, all fat and itchy. Other people really got on my nerves. I didn't sleep very well. I had to go to the bathroom all the time. And, I can't even talk about some of the rest of it. My Mom made me use Thyromine. I guess Moms are good for something. I went back to my old self. My friends like me now. I feel better than I thought I ever would. If I didn't start taking Thyromine, what would have happened to me?"
N.U., Minneapolis, MN

"I couldn't get pregnant, so my husband and I went to an infertility clinic. It didn't work, after we paid all that money. I noticed that I was getting heavy, depressed, it even seemed like my hair was falling out! Do you know how embarrassing that is for a woman! Finally, when I got this swelling, my doctor said it was my thyroid. But I had a terrible allergic reaction to my medicine. My friend, who knows all about natural treatments, said to take Thyromine. Since I started, it seems like my thyroid learned how to work. Life is beautiful. And so is my baby daughter!"
F.W., Las Vegas, NV

"What I really hated about my thyroid problem was that it completely changed who I was. I used to be smart and pretty and active. Then I was confused and angry and depressed, and never wanted to do anything, and my skin and hair looked awful. When I started putting on weight, I finally decided I had to act to rescue the true me. I only believe in natural things, so I checked out the natural products that help with low thyroid. For reliability, effectiveness and price, Thyromine was the best. I started taking it, and pretty soon I turned back into my real self! I'm so glad! Thanks Thyromine.
H.I., Westchester, NY



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